Hines is a privately held company specializing in the conduct of real estate investment, acquisition, development and property management worldwide. The scope of the current implementation of the company, both completed, ongoing, acquired and managed more than 1 300 properties, including surface in the housing sector, commercial, warehouse, hotel, sports, public buildings and large-scale multi-functional complexes and infrastructure projects.

Hines in Poland

Hines regional office in Poland was founded in 1997 in Warsaw. Hines Polish company is wholly owned by Hines International Real Estate Holdings (HIREH) based in Houston. To date, the Polish branch of Hines assembled a strong team of professionals focused on the highest quality, the implementation of sustainable development strategies and creating long-term value of the property built, acquired and managed in Poland. Strong market position in Poland, the company owes its experience and extensive knowledge in the field of office, residential and warehouse.

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Hines in the world

Hines was established in 1957 in Houston. It has offices in 182 cities in 20 countries controlling assets worth USD 89.1 billion, making the company one of the most of the big global real estate market. The present position of the company is the result of attention to quality architectural, engineering and construction solutions and respect for the environment. Philosophy and Gerald D. Hines passion, the company’s founder, and his son, Jeffrey C. Hines, as well as professional staff working around the world are the quintessence of a universally recognized “standard dirmy Hines”. Hines is also a leader in the sustainable development strategy for the real estate market, with extensive experience in systems certification facilities such as LEED®, ENERGY STAR®, BREEAM, Haute Qualité Environnementale and DGNB.

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